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Stealing is a nostalgic method for making gold in ESO. You can pickpocket items from NPCs and use your locksmithing skills to open safe boxes and loot gold and sellable items

This How to Make Gold Guide will show you the Best Ways to make Gold in ESO as a Solo Player! ESO Gold is the most important currency in The Elder Scrolls Online, so knowing how to earn it fast and reliably can make all the difference. Having enough Gold in ESO can help you acquire the best items for your character and perform overall better. All the following methods are easy to complete alone and can help you make a lot of Gold fast and reliably!

Daily Crafting writs

If possible, do it on every character, every day.. not once a week, but every day. If you do have 9 characters (default max,) then lets do the math (assuming each one is CP160 level, and not max’d crafting). If you do all 7 daily writs, that is 4646 gold, per character.

4646 x 9 = 41814 gold per day. 292,698 gold, per week. 1,170,792 gold, per month (4 weeks)

Every time you turn in a daily writ, you also get the reward coffer!! In the coffer, you can get:

– Intricate items – decon or sell these

– Ornate items – sell to merchant for gold

– Surveys – each can be 100-200 raw materials, or great alchemy mats

– Soul gems

– Grand Repair Kits (use or sell these to players)

– Master Writs

– Mats, including gold mats which are worth serious money.

Jewelry writs also can drop grains, which then can be turned into platings… and occasionally whole platings themselves. These are literally extra rewards, on TOP of the million+ gold per month. Prices depend on your server and platform, but its still thousands of gold *each*.

Also, if you have toons that just sit there? You need about 110 inventory spaces, but you can do ALL your crafting for a week at one time, then just log on just to pick up and turn in the quests!


Completing in-game quests is the easiest way to earn gold, although the rewards may be insignificant. During questing, you receive items that can be sold and directly earn gold. Look out for the Etheric Cipher, an incredibly rare item that can be looted from any enemy in the base game zones. It has a low drop rate but sells for six to seven million gold. Keep questing and save up your profits for future expenses like gear upgrades.

Farming Materials

Before starting to farm materials, be sure to get to 160CP and to level up your crafting as you will get better materials. Also getting the Keen Eye skills leveled up can help you spot the nodes when farming. Here are some good areas to farm Materials: Starter Islands, Craglorn, Stormhaven, Coldharbour.


Stealing is a nostalgic method for making gold in ESO. You can pickpocket items from NPCs and use your locksmithing skills to open safe boxes and loot gold and sellable items. If you have unlocked the Dark Brotherhood skill line, you can use the Blade of Woe to kill NPCs and steal from their corpses stealthily. Stolen items can be sold to any fence in Outlaw's Refuge. Keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of items you can sell to a fence each day, but you can increase this limit by spending skill points on the respective passive.


Similar method to the previous one but this time you are running around opening chests instead of killing enemies. After you have identified the items you want to get, visit the appropriate area and start looking around for chests to open. In areas without Dark Anchors or other World Events, this is also the only way to get valuable jewelry from Sets like Briarheart or Bright-Throat’s Boast.

Addons that reveal chests locations are helpful for this method. To be truly effective you should also unlock the Treasure Hunter and Fortune’s Favor Champion Points Skills. The Keen Eye: Treasure Chests Passive from the Excavation(Antiquities)Skill-line will help you notice chests easier.

Play the Market - Buy Low, Sell High!

No need to farm anything for this method. Just buy items and sell them higher! Having an initial Capital and a good understanding of the market is necessary for success.

Check Guild Traders in different towns, find items selling cheap, buy and resell them for a better price! Getting assistance from Market Addons like TTC(Tamriel Trade Centre) can be helpful.

Generally, to make a decent amount of money in ESO, you need to have time, the required skills, startup capital, and even some knowledge about the game's market. If you are a new player with limited gold-making options, buying ESO gold and items online is a good idea. IGMeet is a professional seller selling MMO currency. Click to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold quickly

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